• Our new schedule is designed to reduce the need for patients to wait in a waiting room. In order to do this we ask our patients to be punctual.
    • If you are early we will ask for you to wait in your car until the room is available.
    • If you are late we may not be able to accommodate your appointment & you might be asked to reschedule.
  • All patients are asked to fill out charts & required paper work prior to arriving to the office. These documents are available for your convenience here, if you are unable to do so please call to make other arrangements.
  • We ask that all patients come alone unless they’re in need of assistance, and then we ask that be limited to one person.
  • All patients need to wear a face mask upon entering the building.
  • In some cases we will be extending the time frame for appointments, and product completion.

These processes and procedures are subject to change as the Pa. Dental Board updates information in regards to patient care & procedures.