How long should I heal after extractions before getting fitted for a permanent set of dentures?

Our dentists prefer that you heal at least 12 weeks prior to a fitting. Although most of the noticeable healing is done in the first 6-8 weeks after extractions your jawbone is going to continue to shrink and change for several weeks after that.  Taking an impression too soon may result in a poor fit, unwanted results and additional fees.  We understand that everyone heals differently and each case we take on is different to the individual, for that we offer FREE consultations with our dentist to discuss each treatment plan.

What is the procedure for making denture and how long until I receive the finished product?

Complete dentures are made by completing a 4 -step process. 

  1. Our dentists take a dental impression.
  2. A bite registration is taken and at this time we will help you decide on the appropriate tooth size and shade.
  3. A full was try-in of your denture is then made for you to pre-view in your mouth allowing you to see and approve what the appearance. 
  4. Once you approve the appearance, we will process your denture and it will be available to insert in 1 week.

We offer early morning appointments to those of you who would like to complete the 1st three steps of the process in one business day, therefore having the dentures ready for insertion in one week. It is not necessary for you to complete the process in one day, this is just an option for your convenience.

How do I care for my new dentures?

It is ideal to thoroughly clean dentures and your mouth after every meal to remove any food particles or debris. Take your dentures out at night and let them soak in a denture cleaning solution. Brush your gums & tongue to remove any debris. In the morning, remove the dentures from the solution and brush thoroughly with a denture brush or soft bristle toothbrush. Be sure to fill the sink with water or place a towel down before cleaning to prevent breakage in case you would accidentally drop the denture. 

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